Daudeen Freight excels in the safe transportation of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in handling urgent and high-value shipments for all areas of the medical sector, we truly understand the special demands of this industry.

Daudeen Freight works in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide a time-critical pharmaceutical transportation service. We offer support at all stages of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our experience includes product launches of new drugs, the release of pharmaceuticals for clinical trial and the distribution of specialized medical devices.

Shipping delays can have a severe impact on patient wellbeing, so the staff at Daudeen Freight is committed to providing an uninterrupted service that can get your products to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

The pharmaceutical industry has to battle with a complicated array of regulations governing the transportation of medicine. This can also hold up the supply chain. Daudeen Freight can assist in planning for these regulatory issues. Given the high value of medical freight, security is at the very forefront of our freight logistics. We operate a sophisticated transportation monitoring system, meaning that your shipment is continually monitored throughout the whole journey. We keep you informed of the progress of your cargo at each stage, with complete security and confidentially guaranteed at all times.

Our staff shares the ethos of treating medical equipment with the same careful dedication that medical professionals treat their patients with. We recognize that this industry requires specialized shipping solutions, with strict procedures in place for the transportation of all pharmaceuticals. For instance, some medicines need to be kept at a specific temperature, or stacked in a specific way. Daudeen Freight understands the critical importance of the safe handling of fragile freight, so we will choose carefully from our range of specialized freight vehicles to fit the specification of the job. Our teams of professional freight personnel are well trained to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your shipment, from the manufacturer through to hospital delivery.

Our knowledge and experience will ensure the rapid and efficient delivery of medical freight to virtually any location worldwide, whilst keeping all pharmaceuticals in perfect condition.

Daudeen Freight provides Freight Forwarding and Logistics services for the healthcare sector that are designed to manage the global physical movement and visibility requirements across large and complex global supply chains.

The high value of products and equipment within this sector demands zero tolerance of damage and loss and our KPI agreements with customers are rigorously maintained and consistently improved. Carrier management and space reliability are closely managed to ensure reliable uplift for both Air and Sea Freight movements.

Services incorporated within this sector include:

  • Specialist warehousing environment(s)
  • Temperature controlled movements
  • Specialist delivery solutions
  • KPI and Management reporting
  • In Transit and Inventory Management Systems


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